Australia's bushfire crisis: Is there a deeper meaning to it?

by Yarek Kantor | Jan 12, 2020 | 3 min read

I'm feeling a bit anxious and lost. I think the situation with the drought and wildfires here in Australia causes anxiety in me. According to the latest news 27 people have been killed so far including four firefighters, more than 7.3 million hectares (17.9 million acres) have been burned across all states - an area larger than Republic of Ireland - and estimated half a billion animals have been affected by the fires across NSW, with millions likely dead. What blessing is here that we cannot see? What good is trying to emerge from this situation? Maybe this disaster is opening people's hearts because they start to help each other, make donations, save animals. Maybe we become more aware of climate change. Maybe it's bringing people closer. What about nature? Maybe the trees grow their roots deeper to reach the water. Maybe the fire is transforming the landscape for something new to emerge. Maybe it's the beginning of a new era, a new mindset. Maybe the fire is preparing the ground. Maybe the old needs to be burned and the ash will be a fertilizer for a new life to grow. It feels like it's an end and beginning of something new. Is it exciting? It's unknown and the current situation seems tragic but maybe it's a catalyst. Maybe we need to focus on what thrives in our lives. Maybe we need to appreciate the things we take for granted like clean air and water. In the last few months, the air has been often full of smoke and water restrictions have been imposed because of the drought. The grass became yellow and died but the trees didn't. They're still green. They must have deep roots that can still reach the water. Even bushes are still green. Does it mean water is still abundant even if there's no rain? It looks like there's not enough but the plants are still alive. Maybe it's just a phase, a time of test and the plants show us how to survive this, how to get through a difficult phase. Many of those trees seem pretty old. They probably survived many difficult times, maybe few fires and droughts and they keep growing. Their branches are still reaching high to the sky. The sun is still the source of life for them even if it seems deadly recently because the high temperatures make the fires even more severe. It looks like the trees can last for months without rain. They wouldn't last that long without sun, without light. Maybe we need all elements - water, air, earth, fire, and light. We get a lot of fire recently. Probably the same amount of light as usual at this time of year just less water and more fire. It looks like it's out of balance now but maybe it will be balanced later in the coming months of 2020. Will it be a fertile year? We'll see. The trees teach us how to stand tall even during challenging times. The rain will come eventually and the drought will end. It is just a phase. It's starting to rain now... It's just a drizzle but it's very much appreciated.