My name is Yarek Kantor and I'm a LifeForce Energy Healing® Practitioner certified by the Deborah King Center. I was pursuing my career in IT always trying to perform at the highest level but that was causing a lot of stress and it didn’t give me the fulfilment I was looking for. I started to look for ways to reduce the stress so I started to meditate and focused more on my personal growth. Soon I found Deborah King’s course which changed everything. One evening I was watching one of the videos from the course and I had a spontaneous and powerful experience. My eyelids started to flicker rapidly, my breath became deep and fast and my whole body was vibrating. When things slowed down I felt great peace and sense of expanded awareness.

This experience was so intense and profound that I new it was beginning of a new chapter in my life. Since then I completed several Deborah’s courses including LifeForce Energy Healing® V Certification and I continue training as a Master Graduate.